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You can look my works here or on ElleChups.deviantart.com

To make the order, write to me on my e-mail: ElleChups@gmail.com or press "Send Request"

~~♥for now commission OPENED♥~~

~♥~ Payment via or .
Advance payment of 50 %!

~♥~ I can DRAW realistic portraits, anime, cartoon-style, fantastic-style, fairy tales, comics, sketches, animals, food, building, nature. In general I'll draw everything that you want ^.^ ~ Sorry, I DO NOT accept requests.
I can PAINT (collab) any your drawings.
I can EDIT any your photos.

~♥~ Drawings for you:
The price is 15-50$ per the colour character (full or half body, etc).
The price is 10-15$ per sketch / lines (full or half body, etc).
Для переводов Webmoney и банковских переводов цены ниже.

~♥~ Your drawings (collab) and photo:
The price is 10-40$ per painting your drawings (full or half body, etc)..
The price is 2-3$ per editing one your photo.
Для переводов Webmoney и банковских переводов цены ниже.

~♥~ !Attention: Final price depends on the style, technique, pose, outfit, BG etc. It may vary. You will be informed of your final price when I will have full description of your idea. On drawing with several characters will be evaluated each character or couple! Also background will be evaluated!

~♥~ Picture size drawings, sketch and painting your drawings: not more than 1200px bigger side. I will NOT draw bigger pictures! It takes too long to make and I don't like it. Although for a fee I can)

~♥~ I have my right to submit commissioned work to my page on ElleChups.deviantart.com (please say so, if you don't want me to). I sign drawings and painting your drawings. The signature in the bottom of a picture.

NO commercial use! If you want to use my work for commercial purposes, tell me about it before I draw your commission.

~♥~ Ordering work, you agree that return of money (advance payment of 50-100%) is impossible! Respect my work.


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