~♥~ About me:
~ I'm Demonia or ElleChups. My name is Elvira, just Elle. I from Russia (medved - a bear, vodka, a balalaika, matreshka - a nested doll, sneg - snow, Ded Moroz - Grandfather Frost, Olympics in Sochi in 2014), I from the most beautiful city of St.-Petersburg (the Hermitage, Neva, Kunstkamera).
~ I'm an artist, I love different styles and tools. Also I like listen to music, sing and read books. I have a music education too. I'm violinist ^.^
~ I draw realistic portraits, anime, cartoon-style, fantastic-style, fairy tales, comics, sketches, animals, food, building, nature. Sorry, I DO NOT accept requests.
~For drawing I use Photoshop CS4, SAI, computer mouse and Trust Tb-7300 tablet. Also I use pencils.

I am glad to see you in my site! Please make order! I will be very grateful to you.

~♥~ My Photos

~♥~ FAQ

What software did you use?
→ SAI in most cases. And of course Photoshop

Did you study in art school?
→ No :)

Do you paint over photographs? (example Mad Hatter)
→ No, original is next. Drawing will get much worse, when I paint over photo

When did you start drawing?
→ At-first I painted other people's work with mouse since 04.2009. Since 09.2009 I began to try to draw and paint simultaneously. I bought a graphic tablet in 11.2009, and I draw to this day.

Do you like how you draw?
→ I would like better :(

What is your favorite ice cream?
→ Taste of pistachio and chewing gum "Bubble Gum")

Do you like yourself?
→ Of course)

Will you marry me? I'm serious:)
→ You will buy to me a 3-room flat in St. Petersburg, Bentley Continental GTC and tablet Cintiq 21UX, then I will marry you))

How old are you?
→ I was born 8 April 1993

What's your favorite genre of music?
→ I am a versatile person. All will be pleasant



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